Reasons To Learn the Skill of Sewing

Reasons To Learn the Skill of Sewing

Sewing is just not stitching something; it is also a form of art until a few years back everyone knew it as it was considered as important as cooking, girls were taught sewing as they were made to learn how to cook. Or they learned it themselves by watching others later girls started joining various classes to learn this art. This skill provided employment to women of all the sectors the upper class could afford to own a boutique and the others who couldn’t work as a tailor or even as a freelancer tailor.

It is not only about cloth stitching

When we say sewing it doesn’t mean that we are only talking about the clothes that are stitched but sewing is providing employment to a lot of people in the factories where bed sheets, curtains, mattresses, readymade garments, shoes .bags and many other things are manufactured. Sadly sewing is made a stereotype and it is always linked with girls whereas it is providing employment to so many men out there who are working in factories other than that every man should learn how to sew as they are capable of doing other things. One of the best sites to learn sewing is

A big helping hand

Today’s generation is completely dependent on others for their basic needs sometimes I wonder how people from the older generation could do all the work by themselves. Today we need a helping hand in almost everything and we end up taking help for the most basic things like cooking, cleaning, washing etc.

Important skill to master

Everyone should learn how to sew it should not be just stereotyped as a girl thing, it Is like driving if everyone knows driving then it is convenience for oneself we don’t have to go around and ask for help and pay extra to the drivers or cab drivers. similarly, we have given up on sewing and hardly try learning it today almost 60% of the youth are staying away from their families, we don’t expect them to stitch their own clothes but can at least repair them.

There are so many people who do not know to stitch and in emergencies, they either end up giving away a lot of money for minor repairing work or they just completely discard their clothes. To avoid the following circumstances each one should learn how to sew there is no rocket science in it is just a technique by just moving a thread in and out we can attach two parts together.


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