Why People Pick Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Why People Pick Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Urine tests are conducted in medical examinations to determine if the applicant for the occupation is fit for the required position. However, people have found a way to subvert the testing by using fake urine. The most popular one in the market is the quick fix synthetic urine. The use of fake urine has been widely used in recent years to fake urine to protect privacy and if you look at the quick fix synthetic urine review by Marijuana101.org, it documents a proof for its effectiveness. You can also hear secretly from people who have admitted to using fake urine to pass test and getting the job.

Quick fix synthetic urine is manufactured in the laboratory environment through cleaner process free of toxins and balanced pH, adding specific balance to mimic human urine characteristics. Once the solution is heated a microwave oven for up to 10 seconds it becomes suitable for use, the heat pack is used to keep it warm up to 8 hrs. The different uses of synthetic urine are:

  • For scientific purpose – For various scientific purposes.
  • Equipment calibration – The main purpose was to test the different urine testing equipment using synthetic urine as human urine does not fit for calibration.
  • Diapers testing- Diaper manufacturing company test their products using synthetic urine.
  • Cleaning agents testing- This is required by salesperson and marketers as they use it to demonstrate the efficiency of the cleaning agents they are marketing.
  • Education – Students and researchers use fake urine in their labs for their study and analysis.
  • Pranks- It can be used by pranksters instead of real urine
  • Passing drug screening test – Though we have listed the above main purpose of the product yet we find this is widely used to pass a drug test.  In fact, 99 % of all Quick fix synthetic urine review will tell you this is the most popular application of the product. There has much successful screening using fake urine despite of well-trained staff and highly equipped labs.


Quick fix synthetic urine is used for many novel ways. However, it is unfortunate that because of its high potency and effectiveness it is synonymous with passing drug test. Even most advanced labs and trained technicians are not able to detect between the human urine and synthetic urine. Escape from your problems and lead your life happily. 


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